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5th Runner Up: Relativistic Length-Contracted (felt) TARDIS and Doctor by Bat of Spring, TX!

The Doctor needed a little help finding his way around America, so we gave him a lift to the capital, Washington, D.C. In order for him to be inconspicuous, he traveled at close to the speed of light (relative to observers on Earth) and therefore he and the TARDIS appear much smaller than usual in these photos.

The Doctor had quite a nice time playing the tourist. He visited Mount Vernon, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and the U.S. Capitol Building.

He did seem particularly interested in the Capitol- which makes us wonder if he knows something that we don’t… Could it be that aliens have infiltrated the halls of Congress? Thanks goodness the Doctor is keeping an eye on it!

Look out for The Silence, Little Felt Doctor!

Wondering who the other finalists are? All this week we are counting down the seven finalists in the Where’s The TARDIS contest with the grand prize winner revealed during the Saturday BBC America broadcast of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’. The grand prize includes all 47 years of Doctor Who *plus* an exclusive premiere screening in their hometown!

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