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Grand Prize Winner: Time And Relative Dimension… Ice Shanty! by the Bull family of Waunakee, WI!

Wintertime in the Madison, Wisconsin area is colder than a cyberman’s knuckle! But with our time-traveling ice shanty and a bait-bucket filled with Jelly Babies, we made the most of it! Our Time And Relative Dimension Ice Shanty materialized one fine Sunday morning on Lake Monona, and we immediately set about fishing for bluegills and muskies. The view was amazing, as we could see Wisconsin’s state Capitol Dome. Our TARDIS was met with admiration by many of our fellow anglers, including a couple passing Doctor Who fans from Texas who helped us set up shop. Thanks to everyone for your vote, and GO PACKERS! (2011 Super Bowl champions!)


• wood
• muslin calico
• white glue
• tack nails
• paint
• staples
• foamboard
• sweat

Congratulations to the Bull family who will receive the grand prize of all 47 years of Doctor Who *plus* an exclusive premiere screening in their hometown!

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